finest single-origin arabica

World’s Best Collection

World’s Best Coffee Collection

The gift set includes 8 single-origin arabica coffees: Guatemala, Ethiopia Sidamo, Columbia Excelso, Brazil Santos, Burundi, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Kenya AA, and Nicaragua Maragogipe in eco-friendly corrugated cardboard box.
Ground coffee (net weight of each briquette 125g). Vacuum-packed.

Size (Width : Height : Depth):
220 x 230 x 60 mm
Total weight of package:
1100 grams
Retail price:
$ 30.00
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About world's best coffee Collection

For this gift set we have selected our favorite single-origin coffees from Latin America and Africa

What's included

Collection includes our favorite single-origin arabicas. Each coffee from this gift set has unique character native to the country of its origin: Guatemala, Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.


Each coffee is marked by the image symbolizing the native culture of the supplier country. Ground coffee is packed in cardboard pylon packaging. The gift box of the collection is made of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard with a gold foil stamping.

Finest coffee for you

For this gift set we selected single-origin coffees distinguished by a unique and inimitable taste. You will appreciate the nuances of coffee flavors from around the world, and experience the unique features of each arabica through it’s taste.

Experience finest coffee flavors of single-origin arabicas from Latin America and Africa

Guatemala. Coffee beans are processed by the wet method. Arabica Guatemala has a very pleasant and delicate taste, moderate saturation and strength, as well as a spicy aroma.

Ethiopia Sidamo. One of the softest and most tender arabicas from the Homeland of coffee. It grants you a taste of spices with a touch of bitterness.

Columbia Excelso. Colombian coffee is velvety, well balanced with a delicate aroma and exquisite sourness.

Brazil Santos. Strong, rich coffee with a bitter-astringent taste. Suits best for those who prefer classic coffee.

Nicaragua Maragogipe. Specially selected large grains of excellent strong coffee. Well balanced, with a refined pleasant taste and a slight acidity and reduced caffeine content.

African coffee from alpine plantations. It has a well-balanced taste with a chocolate flavor.

Costa Rica Tarrazu. One of the most striking coffees, well balanced and with a long aftertaste. It has a rich bitter-tart taste with spicy notes.

Kenya AA. Alpine coffee with a unique taste - a combination of a wild berries bouquet with wine acidity.


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