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Exotic Coffee Collection

Exotic Collection

The gift set includes 6 special tubes: Yemen Mocha, Nepal Everest, Indonesia Kopi Luwak, Hawaii Kona, Ecuador Galapagos, and Jamaica Blue Mountain in a wooden box.
Roasted coffee in beans (net weight of each tube 50g). Vacuum-packed. Best quality.

Size (Width : Height : Depth):
375 x 135 x 72 mm
Total weight of package:
1240 grams
Retail price:
$ 85.00
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About Exotic coffee Collection

Unique gift set for true coffee lovers - exotic collection of rarest and most delicious coffees on earth

What's included

Сollection includes the rarest and the most delicious coffees on earth: Yemen Mocha, Nepal Everest, Indonesia Kopi Luwak, Hawaii Kona, Ecuador Galapagos, Jamaica Blue Mountain. Each coffee is grown exclusively in a specific area and has a distinctly unique taste.


Each coffee is packed in a special black tube decorated with the gold foil stamping of mystical characters inspired by distinctive cultures of the countries-suppliers of coffee. The gift box of the collection is made of wood (linden).

World recognition

Exotic Coffee Collection won numerous design awards from around the world, among which, RedDot Communication Design Award (Germany), Pentawards (Belgium), The Dieline (USA), Hiiibrand (China) and others.

We promise you'll love each of these unique and sophisticated coffees.

Jamaica Blue Mountain is grown in limited quantities on the slopes of the picturesque Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Chocolate-nut and fruit notes intertwine in its taste. This coffee has a unique spicy-wine aroma and a rich chocolate aftertaste.

Yemen Mocha. Its taste is an exquisite mixture of chocolate, spicy, nutty and fruity notes. It has moderate acidity and small chocolate bitterness.

Kopi Luwak. As a result of the Luwak animal's gastric juice exposure, coffee berries undergo fermentation, due to which the grains acquire a special taste. The result is a unique caramel drink with a chocolate flavor. The most expensive coffee in the world.

Hawaii Kona. The aroma is spicy with a chocolate taste. It is distinguished by softness and light acidity. Leaves an aftertaste with subtle almond notes. One of the most expensive coffees, rightfully recognized as exemplary.

Nepal Everest. One of the most eco-friendly coffees. Grown at the foot of Everest at a 700 meters altitude. It has a unique taste that combines floral and fruity notes with a touch of hazelnut and spices.

Ecuador Galapagos. A rare and unusual coffee of very high quality, which is grown on the island of San Cristobal without the use of any chemicals. It has an exquisite aroma and rich taste with a soft nutty notes.


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